As the nation explores ending mass-incarceration, Soledad, a cinematic feature documentary, follows three inmates at a California prison who seek rehabilitation and redemption after their crimes.

A former Crip, released after 21 years to parole in Los Angeles, battles his former gang for his son's life. 
An addict  who has spent most his life serving time for drug-related crimes finally returns to his native community after voters commute his conviction. 
A lifer – with no chance of parole – discovers he has the power to change prison culture from behind bars.

These dramatic trajectories stemmed from a radical experiment: storytelling circles guided by the inmates themselves. But is our criminal justice system prepared to support their rehabilitation?

Director: Cassidy Friedman; Producers: Glen Zipper, Sean Stuart, Van Jones / Magic Labs Media; 

Producer/Cinematographer: Carmen Delaney;

Editor: Kevin Oliver; Composer: Tyler Strickland